What should I pay attention to when purchasing food paper bag machine equipment?

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[What should I pay attention to when purchasing food paper bag machine equipment]
         Paper bags for food have higher requirements for safety, so we have to pay attention to many places when purchasing such machines. We can't buy food paper bag machines like other types of paper bags. To ensure the quality and safety of the machine.Faced with such a high growth rate and such a huge market, the market with such rapid growth is a golden opportunity for enterprises, but behind the opportunities, we have to face some practical problems. Is the development of our kraft paper bag machine can meet the needs of the market, what should we do.
        Because China's food and packaging machinery industry was born in the market economy, compared with the machinery industry, the food and packaging machinery industry is 32 years late, so it is a naive industry, although it is developing very fast, but there are indeed many Insufficient places, we must seize the opportunity.
        Pay attention to mechanical versatility: the development of small and medium-sized single machine, but the equipment is small in size, high in precision, easy to install, easy to operate, and high in automation. Can adapt to the packaging needs of a variety of foods. In line with food hygiene requirements, easy to clean, no pollution of food; compared to foreign advanced advanced equipment, domestic food and packaging machinery is a bit "powerful", the conditions required for food packaging, such as temperature, pressure, time, There are reasonable and reliable control devices for metering and speed, although there is a price advantage.
        However, for some large enterprises, the quality of products is still the first. Domestically produced equipment can not meet the needs of enterprises. In contrast, enterprises prefer to spend more money to purchase advanced equipment from abroad. Use automatic control as much as possible.
[Introduction to main features and devices of paper bag machine]
        Generally speaking, the production process of the paper bag machine servo drive citation paper bag determines that the machine must have continuity, high speed and high precision. It is also required to have an automatic color chase cutting function on the paper bag machine such as cutting after cutting.
        The servo controller has a combination of motion controller and servo driver, which is characterized by its unique economical application and simple and convenient debugging.
Paper bag machine boring synchronous transmission device, output shaft, sprocket, box body, and input shaft, main drive shaft, connecting plate, sliding shaft, linear bearing, bearing seat and driving wheel installed in the box.
        The sliding shaft of the linear bearing is arranged on the connecting plate. When the connecting plate rolls, the linear bearing slides back and forth along the sliding shaft; the bearing of the linear bearing is arranged at the edge of the driving wheel near the margin, and one end of the output shaft extends into the casing and The drive wheels are connected.
The input shafts arranged side by side and one end of the main drive shaft extending out of the box have a sprocket and are connected by two sprocket wheels; the connecting plate is fixed on the main drive shaft and synchronously rolls with the main drive shaft