The specific role of the paper bag machine and solutions to common problems

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[What is the role of high-speed paper bag machine]
        1. The high-speed paper bag machine solves the problem of the manual paper bag machine manual bottoming paper. The traditional hand-held paper bag machine sticks to the bottom not only is slow, but the quality is not guaranteed. One machine needs several people to match the bottom, which is caused by the inconsistency with the speed of the machine. The output can never be improved, and the labor cost is also very high. It is necessary to manually apply a layer of bottom paper from the inside of the bottom of the paper bag. This method has a slow bag making speed and poor bag making quality. The portable paper bag machine can automatically paste the bottom, automatically paste the reinforced paper, and the innovation of the technology reflects the automation performance of modern machinery.
        2. The high-speed paper bag machine solves the problem of indentation on the front of the traditional paper bag machine. The paper bag made by the traditional paper bag machine has not been well solved for the indentation problem because the manufacturing process is relatively backward. This is a big problem. There is always an indentation on the front side of the paper bag, which affects the appearance of the paper bag. This machine adopts innovative design to solve the problem of indentation on the side of the paper bag. The quality of the produced products is good and the appearance is exquisite. This is the benefit brought by the technology upgrade.
        3. The high-speed paper bag machine solves the problem of narrow application range of the traditional paper bag machine. The traditional square-bottomed paper bag machine has a paper weight range of 70-200g/m2. Now the new long strip paper bag machine breaks through the technical limitations, so that the paper weight range reaches 70-350g/m2, which is basically suitable for the various types of square bottom portable paper bags on the market. Only the needs of more people can be satisfied. The bag can truly replace the heavily contaminated plastic bag product.
        4, high-speed paper bag mechanism bag speed is faster. Due to the limitation of the production process, the traditional paper bag machine has a bag making speed of 40-60 per minute. Although it is not slow, it will show its drawbacks if it is produced in large quantities. Now the new long paper bag The production speed of the machine can reach 80-120 per minute, and the speed is doubled. This can save a lot of time and reduce the cost of operating the enterprise when producing large quantities of orders.

[Analysis of common problems in portable paper bag machines]
        In recent years, the packaging industry has achieved considerable development, especially in the application of portable paper bags, which has also led to the development of portable paper bag forming machines. The common problems of hand-made portable paper bags are:
        1. Standard question: In the past, the standard of manual paste bag was not uniform, one person one method, one person one standard, and the portable paper bag machine effectively solved this problem through the combination of mechanical and electrical control mode.
        2. Benefits: pure hand-paste bag, large amount of people, large amount of glue, poor adhesion, low efficiency; the portable paper bag machine produced by Baiyi Machinery Co., Ltd. came out, first of all, it is difficult to recruit workers today, and workers are employed at higher wages. Resolved, and secondly save the amount of glue, according to the production of 10,000 bags, one year may save one machine money, at the same time after the bag is finished, and then mechanically pressed, effectively avoiding the phenomenon that the glue is not firmly glued.
        When purchasing equipment, customers should choose the products that suit their needs according to the conditions of their own paper. More than 90% of domestic portable paper bags are made of 250-350g/m2 kraft paper, copper paper, white paper, and need to be inserted. Cards, it is necessary to consider whether the purchased equipment can meet the requirements in this link. Currently, the degree of automation is divided into two categories: fully automatic and semi-automatic.
        The current price of automatic is still very high, and it is still difficult for domestic small and micro enterprises to purchase. The automatic paper bag machine has higher requirements on paper. The semi-automatic paper bag machine can avoid this problem and is more suitable for printing enterprises in China.
        Therefore, the paper bag machine is very important, but buy a good paper bag machine and don't just care about its price. Always believe in a penny. Don't try to buy a paper bag machine that is cheap, or the quality is not enough.