What are the performance characteristics of the automatic paper bag machine?

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        What is the paper bag machine used for? Many people may not know how to make paper bags. So many people may have a basic concept. Well, let me talk about the paper bag machine in detail. What are the common types and functions of paper bag machines?
        The paper bag machine uses the printed sheet of paper as the raw material, and the paper is automatically fed by Feida, transported through the paper feeding platform, and then the front gauge is used to accurately position the sheet and fed into the vertical line of the pressure roller. Then, the glue is automatically brushed, formed, automatically folded on the side of the accordion, automatically formed into a cylinder, and then conveyed to the bottom device via the push rod to perform bottoming, bottoming, and bottom forming, and the finished paper bag is completed at one time.
        The automatic paper bag machine is an ideal equipment for making square bottom paper bags by using primary colors or printed flat sheets. The process flow is roughly as follows: the flat sheet paper after printing (or film coating) is conveyed to the pull gauge part by the automatic paper feeder for positioning, and is pressed by the rolling device, and then passes through a single side glue, a folding piano position, After the fitting, the production of the organ position is completed. Then, it is conveyed to the bottom position by the conveying device, and the transverse line, the bottoming, the sizing, the pressing, and finally the finished paper bag are output.
        Applicable to paper kraft paper, coated paper, white paper, white cardboard, gray paper, etc. (including laminated paper, web automatic square paper bag machine, raw paper or printed web as raw material, once The simultaneous completion of the square bottom paper bag with the handle is ideal for producing square bottom paper bags with handles.
        The machine uses the handlebar assembly to make the paper rope and the patch web into a handlebar, and then sends the handlebar to the sticker unit through the conveying device; the primary color or the printed web is pasted on the sticker unit. After the bit is broken, the patch is glued, and the handle is automatically pasted, the host attaches the paper with the handle to the edge, the paper tube, the cut, the bottom indentation, the bottom glue, the bottom of the bag and the conveyance. Out of the bag. The whole machine is controlled by the computer central control system. The running status is displayed and controlled by the touch screen. The length of the bag is controlled by the servo motor, thus ensuring that the machine can produce a variety of portable paper bags.